Matt Rouch & The Noise Upstairs originally formed in Denver when singer-songwriter Matt Rouch moved there in 2015. The band quickly rose to prominence in Colorado with their music being described as James Taylor meets the Fleet Foxes. The band won Best Country Band in Denver by 303 Magazine in 2018, and Rouch himself won an IMEA music award that same year for Folk Song of the Year, for his song Adelaide. 

When he moved to Cincinnati in 2022 he formed a new iteration of the group and kept the playing style - a folk rock, alternative country band - or "y'all-ternative" as it's been described by some. When he met Greta Propp, another newcomer to Cincy, who's fiddling chops were some of the best he had heard, Rouch knew it was time to fill out the group and get the ball rolling with the Cincinnati version of Matt Rouch & The Noise Upstairs.

"I had taken an extended break from music after my Denver band broke up when covid hit, hadn't touched my guitar in years, but after moving to Cincy and seeing how great the music scene was I couldn't resist dusting her off and taking her out to play some open mics, next thing you know I got another band going."

-Matt Rouch